"My hair is always just the way I want it when I walk out of here, whether it’s color or just a cut.  I get tips on taking care of my specific hair type with products that are healthier for my hair.  If my hair is not healthy enough at the time, instead of just doing it like anyone else would, they let me know and then I make the decision.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else."
Amanda Mathis
"I’m happy with every experience each time I come. I love that I don’t have to tell stylist how to style my hair because she already knows what I like, and i am pleased with every style she has given me!"
Stacy Smith
After yard work the massage made the sore aching muscles relax and i recovered much faster. Withe several massages i feel much better flexibility upon awakening and throughout the day.
James Davis 

The hair cut I get helps me maintain a professional attitude with my employment. Extra care goes into shaping up the neckline.
Ken Robinson

Satisfactory plus. Happy with the Highlighting of my hair. It doesn't take a full day. 
Minnie Dailey 

I value the atmosphere, little to no waiting with an appointment, and it is cost effective. I am personally satisfied with the results.

Sylvia Jones

Great hair cut!  a lot of compliments. Friendships- someone great to talk to.
Candace Rogers 

I like the quiet setting, friendly surrounding, concern on my hair stylist. My hair looks alive and healthy. People comment on the hairstyle and the shine when i go out.
Cora Scott

This place makes me feel right at home. The smiles, the conversation, the workers here are so nice.
Wanda Hillard 

Everyone here makes you feel welcome. I benefit when i get my hair done in a timely manner. I always love the way my hair is styled. 

Angela Littlejohn
Have a concern for my hair. I feel good about my results when I leave.
Frannie James 

Wonderful service and personal attention.
Pat Maybee

How friendly the staff was made it a really relaxed experience. I was happy with the color i was given.

Janet Martin
I like the hair wash and haircut and style. I like the friendly conversations. 
Mamie Jefferies