I have held a professional South Carolina Cosmetology License for 6 years. I graduated from Virginia College Cosmetology program at the top of my class. I did not go straight into a salon after graduating. I maintained my license until my kids got a little older. During that time I worked in retail. I absolutely love working with the public. I love getting to know the customers and seeing them weekly if not more! The small conversation you get to have with them are wonderful, but its just not enough. I like to know details and the check out line just doesn't give you enough time! Working part time I had the opportunity to spend some time with my 3 girls . I was able to go to all the after school and sport functions, volleyball games, band concerts, and to some field trips. I enjoyed my time with my family, but when my youngest was going into the 5th grade , I was ready to start on my salon life journey! I wanted something different than the chain salon, I wanted a more family atmosphere, where I could feel apart of something. Where I could grow as a stylist and have the time to build a relationship with my clients. I have now been at Carolina Charm for less than 1 year but I love it!
      The beauty industry is continuously changing. I continue to learn something new everyday! I attend  live classes, webinars, and I love to watch educational videos to find anything I can do to move my skills forward. I want to be on the top of new trends and techniques so I can keep my clients looking the best they can at all times.
    I do hair services for the whole family, including: men, women, and children. I believe the consultation is the most important part of your appointment. We will discuss the look you want to achieve and agree on the steps to best achieve that look. I want you to look and feel your best when you leave my salon chair!