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Steps for Finding a Professional Hair Stylist in Duncan SC

Step 1

Consider the type of stylist you are seeking. You will want to find a stylist who is experienced with your hair type, whether that be curly, straight, short. long or African American. Keep this in mind when you are seeking a hair stylist.

Step 4

When you have found a salon you are considering, check out the salon's website. There you can see what services they offer. You may also be able to find a price list on the website. For example, if you are looking for a salon where you can get color, then this information will likely be on the salon’s website.
Some salons list prices based on the experience of the hair stylist and/or the length of your hair. For example, a hair stylist who is starting out may cost less than a hair stylist who has 10 years of experience.

Step 2

Search online for local salons and stylists. You probably want to find a salon which is not too far from where you live or work so it will be convenient for you. Search for salons in your area to get a list going.

Step 5

Call the salon and ask questions. If there is any information you cannot find on the salon’s website, then you can call and talk to someone at the salon. Call and ask any questions you have about the salon’s services, hours, pricing, etc. For example, you could call and say, “Hi, I am looking for a new stylist. Can you tell me more about the hair coloring services you offer?”

Step 3

 Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Friends and family who live near you may also be able to help you find a salon. Choose a friend or family member who has a hairstyle you like and ask what salon they go to and whether they like it. You can even ask what hair stylist they recommend.

Step 6

Schedule a consultation. If you think a salon is right for you, make an appointment for a hair consultation with one of the salon’s hair stylists. Consultations are free at most salons, so it is a good risk-free way to see if you want to give them your business.
Call the salon and say, “I am thinking about getting my hair done at your salon, but I want to make sure the stylist will be able to do what I have in mind. Would it be possible to schedule a consultation?”
Come to the consultation prepared to tell the hairstylist what you want. You might also bring a list of questions and some photos of your desired style.

Step 7

Inspect the salon during your consultation. While you are visiting the salon, take a look around. Note anything that might help you make your decision. Some things you might want to look for include:
Cleanliness:  Are the counter tops tidy? Are the floors clean?
Employee demeanor: Do the employees greet you and smile? Does the hair stylist talk to you in a professional manner?
Products available: Can you purchase your favorite hair care products at the salon?




Best Hair Stylist - Duncan SC

Ready to find your next stylist? One who will listen to you, evaluate your hair, and provide you with the hair style you always wanted. 

It is time for you to get an amazing hair style at a great value... So you can stop being frustrated with searching for the right hair stylist for you...

You should get in touch with us because we can solve your problem of having to continue searching for the right hair stylist for you....

Why Choose us

We offer hair services for your hair type and face shape, making it easier for you to have the hair you've always wanted.

  •  Our hair stylists will spend the time to understand the look you are going for.
  • With multiple stylists to choose from, you can get several opinions on styling your hair.
  • Our stylists have years of experience as well as keep up with current trends.
  • We offer a free consultation.


 My hair is always just the way I want it when I walk out of here, whether it’s color or just a cut.  I get tips on taking care of my specific hair type with products that are healthier for my hair.  If my hair is not healthy enough at the time, instead of just doing it like anyone else would, they let me know and then I make the decision.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Amanda Mathis

 I’m happy with every experience each time I come. I love that I don’t have to tell stylist how to style my hair because she already knows what I like, and i am pleased with every style she has given me!

Stacy Smith




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